About us

“As – Timian Café & Restaurant” is a meeting place of author’s cuisine and home cosiness. For the second year our cafe opens doors for family gatherings, birthday parties, parties for children, business meetings, the variety of master classes, different events and a cozy leisure time among friends. Moreover, our breakfasts have become a tradition for many residents of the Shahristan residences.

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Restaurant & Cafe

Events/News/ Special Offers

“As – Timan Café & Restaurant” does not cease to improve and to please its guests with novelties. Our new menu will be available very soon. There you will find accustomed homemade dishes, traditional Central Asian cuisine and your favorite pizzas. Do not forget that there is delivery in our Café.

Restaurant & Cafe

Аddress:  Navoi 208/4

Open: daily from 8:00 till 23:00

Phone: +7 727 311 82 72 / +7 777 128 30 30